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Planning and Preparation In Software Projects Saves Time and Money

In a software development project, much like any project, it’s tempting to rush in and get started under the misconception, ‘the sooner I get started, the sooner I will finish’. In developing sales training and enablement software, it’s also an easy mistake to make. Who wants to […]

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White Springs Santas Snapped Before Charity Run

Sporting full Santa outfits, eleven White Springs employees and family members recently completed a 4k charity race to support the Katharine House hospice and the provision of care for people with terminal illnesses. “It was lots of fun but a few of the less athletic team members are creaking and groaning around the office […]

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3 ways sales training technology can transform a salesperson from ordinary to outstanding.

Some people are born with the instincts needed to become a top sales performer. Does this mean that those not blessed with innate sales abilities are a) not interested in the industry or b) doomed to fail? Not at all! There’s no doubt that learning how to […]

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5 sales technology steps to become a sales guru

The term ‘sales guru’ gets bandied about an awful lot these days but what does it actually take to become a true sales expert? What’s the difference between being a good sales person and being a sales leader? Some say it’s about determination, hard work and training. […]

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What’s your sales team’s USP?

“Real or perceived benefit of a good or service that differentiates it from the competing brands and gives its buyer a logical reason to prefer it over other brands.”  The Business Dictionary. We know what a Unique Selling Point (USP) is, but do you know what your sales team’s is? What is your team known for? Or, what […]

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Does one size fit all in sales transformation?

Your sales company is doing well but you want it to excel. How do you make this happen? Sales training or transformation is one option to sharpen up your team and motivate them to exceed their targets and grow your business. In essence sales transformation aims to […]

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How sales training technology can lay the foundations for a thriving workplace.

72% of global businesses report that flexible working practices increase productivity[1]. This rings true to me especially when your workforce is made up of highly motivated, self-starting sales people who thrive on competition and autonomy. Enabling your team to work flexibly can set them apart from the […]

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Why sales training technology doesn’t have to be technical.

Integrating technology into your sales training service will instantly give you the edge. You may already know this means embedding new IT within your clients’ CRM systems for use across multiple devices. The next logical step is finding out how to make this happen. When it comes […]

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How can sales training technology unite your workforce?

A recent feature in Direct Selling News caught my eye. The article claims that 1% of the global population is currently employed in direct selling positions. 1% may not sound like much, but when you consider how many different careers and industries there are across the world, […]

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Three top tips to maximize technology solutions for sales training.

The sales industry has, for a long time, had to make use of generic, broad-spectrum business CRM systems to manage contacts, leads and opportunities,. Whilst CRM meets the demands of the wider business operation, few systems are specifically designed for the specialist requirements of sales teams. How […]

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