Agile software development – buzz word or real business benefit?

Scott Reynolds White SpringsIn this first of a five part blog series, Scott Reynolds takes a closer look at the current trend toward agile software development. Is it just a buzzword or a fad, or is there real business benefit to the consumers of software developed using agile methodologies?

In the world of software development the current buzz word come framework is ‘Agile’. Everyone wants to operate a slick, lean process which minimises wasted work effort. An agile framework, as the name suggests, lends itself perfectly to this aspiration. [Read more…]

Buying process alignment made easy with IMPACT Selling® Add-On for CRM

The Brooks Group logoThe Brooks Group, an award-winning corporate sales training and assessment solutions company, recently launched IMPACT Selling for CRM®, a tool designed to optimise customer relationship management software by providing daily reinforcement of the acclaimed IMPACT Selling® System.

The solution integrates with leading CRM platforms such as and Microsoft Dynamics®. The add-on works seamlessly with customer relationship management software to allow reps and managers to more strategically apply the way they use their organisation’s CRM system to close more deals. [Read more…]

When is a bug not a bug? And the art of managing customer expectations

Sales Enablement Blog PostIn a recent meeting, I sat intrigued listening to our developers discussing the working definition of, and difference between, a bug and an enhancement.

It made me think, not from the developers’ perspective, but from that of the customer, and of our customers in particular. How do they perceive and describe bugs and enhancements in their sales enablement environments? [Read more…]

White Springs CEO Reflects on Celebrating Twelve Years in Business

This year sees White Springs celebrating twelve years of providing Sales Enablement solutions to sales training providers and end-users across the globe. Much has changed in that time as technology evolves, users have become increasingly mobile and reliant on technology to support their day to day work in the sales arena.

Gary White, CEO and Founder, White Springs

Gary White, CEO and Founder, White Springs

I caught up with our CEO and Founder, Gary White this week on his thoughts as we notch up twelve years. [Read more…]

Kudos to the White Springs team in Banbury

We often host meetings at our UK offices in Banbury with our partners and their clients. More often than not though, the meeting ends, we all quickly share our thoughts on whether the meeting has met expectations and we recap the actions.

So it makes a refreshing change when someone puts their feelings into black and white, which is exactly what Ken Cross, Business Development Manager at Sales Performance International (SPI) did: [Read more…]

A look back at the Miller Heiman Sales Performance Summit – Engagement, Activity, Achievement

Miller Heiman Summit

The White Springs Team (Gary White, Laurie Brown, Lucy Faro, Sandy Veronese, Greg Smith and Ollie Edmunds) with hosts Miller Heiman (front row: Aliena Martinez, Lisa Schnoll and Michelle Carter)

At the recent Miller Heiman Sales Performance Summit held in Denver, Colorado, White Springs CEO, Gary White, took to the main stage to present on the topic of the technology needs of the modern sales organisations.

He opened up with engaging and thought provoking questions, quizzing the audience on where they viewed themselves (marks out of 10 please), in terms of intelligence and creativity. [Read more…]

Understanding business ingredients correctly and avoiding a sales enablement coding mess!

White Springs Sales EnablementUnderstanding the business needs of a customer is undoubtedly key in meeting their expectations. How can you possibly develop a solution if you don’t have a mutual and clear understanding?

Listening, gathering and documenting requirements and putting forward a suitably detailed specification, provides the bridge between the raw business needs and the developers who, all too often, develop based on the information they’re provided with, in the ‘literal’ sense.

And therein lays the problem.

If the business requirements are ambiguous or open to interpretation, chaos and disappointment can ensue. Take this light-hearted example:

A mother to her young boy:

“Honey, please go to the market and buy one bottle of milk. If they have eggs, bring six”
The young boy returned with six bottles of milk, to which the mother said:
“Why on earth did you buy six bottles of milk?”
The exasperated son replied:

The mother (a.k.a. the business) was clear in her mind what she wanted, but the son (the developer) took the instruction literally. In code, you could say:

int numMilks=1;
if (eggs.Count () > 0)
return BuyMilk(numMilks)

In the world of solution development, being able to understand and, where necessary, challenge in order to clarify the business requirements, leads to code development meeting the needs of the business. All of which avoids the oversupply of milk and the undersupply of eggs!

Using technology for sales enablement is no different. Using years of experience, White Springs bridges the gap between the business and the developers, providing solutions living up to expectations.

The Evolution of the Employee – Past verses the Future

I came across an interesting post recently by Jacob Morgan, Principal of Chess Media Group, on the evolution of the employee. In an excerpt from his latest book – The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization, he states, “…that work as we know it is dead and that the only way forward is to challenge convention around how we work, how we lead, and how we build our companies.”

Whilst his article isn’t solely aimed at those in sales roles, everything he writes about certainly applies to sales. His key points on flexible working, use of any device, the importance of sharing and collaboration etc. are highly relevant to the world of sales.

The_evolution_of_the_employeeThis got me thinking about the synergies between what he writes about, which are succinctly summed up in his infographic (reproduced here), and how White Springs is already practicing what he preaches in the area of Sales Enablement. The work anytime, work anywhere, using any device, with a dependency on collaborative technologies has been part of our ethos from the outset.


Jacob Morgan’s full article can be viewed here.

The secret behind getting 100% customer satisfaction

White Springs Customer SatisfactionDo you know organisations in the software industry guilty of letting open support tickets roll on and on, for days, weeks or even months? Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end as one of those frustrated customers.

At White Springs, we believe in putting ourselves in the customers’ shoes.

For three consecutive weeks, we’ve successfully closed, to the customer’s satisfaction, 100% of sales enablement support tickets. Customers are loving it. But how do we achieve such high standards against an industry average of just 88%?

Is it by throwing resource at support? Of course not, that’s not a sustainable business model. In fact, we’re actually below the industry standard for the ratio of support personnel to customers. Whilst we firmly believe we have stable solutions, it’s only natural for support issues to arise.

The secret of our success lies elsewhere. Not only in what we do but how we do it. Talking with our VP of Customer Support, Neil Cochrane, he points to his team consistently, ‘going above and beyond the call of duty’ and ensuring customers receive prompt, courteous and efficient service.

The customers wholeheartedly agree with feedback comments including:-

“E**** went above and beyond the standard support responsibilities to try and work out options. She’s been incredibly helpful through all of the challenges!” Infrastructure & Tools VMWare

“Issue has been resolved. Thanks for the tremendous support!” Baxter Corporation

“J** is a great resource for us. He’s always willing to lend support and provides it in the most direct and concise fashion which is greatly appreciated.” CS STARS