Case Study – Roche Diagnostics Improve the Health of Their Salesforce with White Springs

Roche DiagnosticsRoche Diagnostics, along with Roche Pharmaceutical, is an important part of the foundation that modern healthcare builds upon.

Their broad range of innovative diagnostic tests and systems play a pivotal role in the ground-breaking area of integrated healthcare solutions and cover the early detection, targeted screening, evaluation and monitoring of disease.

Over an eighteen month period, they have been rolling out to their numerous business units, with four more going live early in 2015. In order to help them achieve their goals, they turned to White Springs to help.

Read more in the full case study and watch Joan Ridgeway from Roche Diagnostics talk about their experience of working with White Springs.

Case Study – Developing sales tools in collaboration with end users

White Springs witnesses the positive impact of what can happen when an end-user rolls up their sleeves and gets stuck into a secondary level of testing on newly signed off sales tools.

The user, PR Newswire, a global news and information distribution service, is a supporter of Miller Heiman’s renowned sales methodology and, as technology partner, White Springs developed the associated sales tools to support their deployment.
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Case Study – ValueSelling Associates

“Partnering with White Springs to create eValuePrompter has helped give our company another touch point, enabling us to reinforce our coaching and ensure the tools, techniques and behaviours are being used effectively.”
Julie Thomas, President & CEO of ValueSelling

ValueSelling Associates partnered with White Springs to help its clients compete and win on a higher level. The company realised that adding technology to its proven formula for accelerating sales could help clients maximise their training investment and get even better results. [Read more…]

Case Study – Huthwaite International

“White Springs work closely with our intellectual property experts, which has resulted in technology solutions that complement our work perfectly and have enabled us to offer an intuitive, integrated approach that fully supports our customers’ needs.” Tony Hughes Managing Director, Huthwaite International

Huthwaite International, a leading name in sales performance improvement, has increase its global client base through its partnership with White Springs, by adding intuitive technology. [Read more…]