Less support calls, but better customer service – how did we do that?


Over recent years we’ve been closely monitoring the volume, frequency, complexity and fix rate of our inbound customer support queries. Like many in this age of cloud based software applications, we use an online customer service portal – to make life as easy as possible for our customers.

We use a solution called Zendesk – a cloud-based customer service tool that enables us to track every customer interaction – whether by email, phone, directly via the portal and in ot

her ways too. By keeping everything in one place, we can easily keep on top of what’s going on, helping us to better serve our customers with things like customer self-service.

Yes, that’s all very interesting, but everyone has some kind of support system – but the really interesting part for us is what the reporting and analytics has revealed.

White Springs ranks above 70% of all Zendesk customers on “First time reply”

What does that mean exactly? Well out of the 52,000 plus customers that Zendesk has, White Springs responds to new calls faster than over two thirds of their clients. And over time, we’ve improved out response speed by a whopping 37%.

But how have we done this? I caught up with Neil Cochrane who runs customer support here and he noted three main reasons:

  • As our own software has evolved, we’re doing less ‘on premise’ work, which historically tended to bring more than its fair share of challenges and consequently support tickets
  • The quality of the solutions we build has improved over time – our software is better made now that it has ever been
  • Our process for fixing bugs and issues has become more robust over time. Not only are there less bugs to fix, but when they do occur, we get fixes in place much quicker

We’re not saying that our work is done, exactly the opposite. We’ll keep pushing to improve in every aspect – solution, services and support.

From small seeds… and building long-term client-supplier relationships

From-small-seedsMighty trees may grow from small seeds, and we’re not saying we’re mighty trees, but many of our clients have been clients for many, many years – and just like a healthy tree, those relationships have grown and successfully weathered the different seasons.

Our White Springs sales enablement technology has undoubtedly played a part in keeping our customers happy. Providing outstanding customer service has also been a considerable influencing factor too – see our recent post on our achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Clients such as bfinance, Health Edge Software, Pearson Packages and Inova have been working with us to enhance their Miller Heiman and Salesforce implementations for eight years or more. Many others, for example, McCue Corporation, Baker Atlas, Spherion, Noresco, ChemImage and Houston Wire and Cable are not far behind, at around seven years.

In the world of sales, customer acquisition and retention, we’re often reminded that it’s costly to attract new clients, and it’s much better to retain the ones you have. This philosophy is certainly held at White Springs.

Case Study – Roche Diagnostics Improve the Health of Their Salesforce with White Springs

Roche DiagnosticsRoche Diagnostics, along with Roche Pharmaceutical, is an important part of the foundation that modern healthcare builds upon.

Their broad range of innovative diagnostic tests and systems play a pivotal role in the ground-breaking area of integrated healthcare solutions and cover the early detection, targeted screening, evaluation and monitoring of disease.

Over an eighteen month period, they have been rolling out Salesforce.com to their numerous business units, with four more going live early in 2015. In order to help them achieve their goals, they turned to White Springs to help.

Read more in the full case study and watch Joan Ridgeway from Roche Diagnostics talk about their experience of working with White Springs.

We’ve started the New Year as we mean to go on – 100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction - Outstanding Customer Service2015 has got off to a great start, in many ways, but in particular the three months to January 13th. We’ve written about our well above the industry norm levels of customer satisfaction before, but we’ve not rested on our laurels. In the three months to January 13th, we’ve hit 100% customer satisfaction once again.

Thank you to our customers for providing such great feedback, and thank you to all involved in delivering this outstanding level of customer service.

Is there anything else we can do for our customers? Make the tea perhaps?

Velocity Rocket to receive Highly Commended in Banbury Employee of the Year awards

BEOTYThe upcoming Banbury Employee of the Year Awards 2015 has once again seen stiff competition from Banbury businesses. Velocity Rocket has been singled out by the organisers for a Highly Commended award and we’ll be attending the presentation event on Friday, 30th January.

The award ceremony will be held at the prestigious Great Barn, Aynho, followed by a talk from Banbury MP Sir Tony Baldry with the winners of Banbury Apprentice/Trainee, Employee, Charity Fundraiser, Team and Employer of the Year 2015 being announced.

SalesDNA is hot off the White Springs press

sales-genetics-logoAssessing and developing your sales team is not an easy task but it’s getting easier with the release of Sales DNA®, sales-genetic’s new and exciting performance management tool.

Created by sales enablement gurus, White Springs, the Sales DNA® analysis tool provides sales leaders insight into the sales competencies of their sales professionals, including “what good looks like”. It serves both of them as a coaching and development tool and also helps to align the right people to the right jobs, including new recruits. In addition, for the first time the training department can see “real time”, where to invest their training budget, tailor the development to individuals and teams and monitor improvements.

The tool has been well received by users during testing and a global communications organisation is already signed up.

For more information contact sales-genetics +49 211 5666 220 / info@sales-genetics.com

About sales-genetics

sales-genetics is an international sales consultancy located in Duesseldorf, Germany working with partners across Europe and North America.

Since 2006 sales-genetics helps its customers to get insight into the ‘genetics disposition’ of their sales activities: the sales dna®. This enables sales-genetics to identify – and subsequently realise – each customer’s potential for optimisation. www.sales-genetics.com

Bah Humbug? No Christmas Cards from White Springs, but donations instead to three Children’s Charities

christmas-treeWe’re not going all Scrooge like by not sending Christmas cards this year – we’ve decided to make donations to not one, but three children’s charities in the UK, US and Australia.

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation in Australia raises money to purchase vital children’s medical equipment for over 200 children’s hospitals and health service centres across Australia. Their aim is to ensure every child has a fighting chance to the best possible medical equipment and care.

In the UK, we’ve selected Katharine House Hospice who offer specialist palliative care in a range of settings to suit the current needs of the individual. Their focus is on holistic care aimed at enabling patients to live as fully as possible while having their needs attended to.goldOrnamentBg

Finally, our chosen US charity is Safe Families for Children who provide a loving sanctuary where parents can safely and voluntarily place their children in times of need. They are a Chicago based Christian social service agency, who partner with the local church to grow a network of over 11,000 volunteers which includes 2100 volunteer host families.

Full Marks for White Springs, Once Again Hitting 100% Customer Support Satisfaction

customer-satisfaction-wsThree months on from our last checkpoint on our Customer Satisfaction rating, and we’ve not eased off on our efforts to provide well above industry average service to our customers.

In fact, in the last seven days, we’ve once again hit 100% Customer Satisfaction supporting our Sales Enablement customers. We’ve even averaged 98% in the last 30 days, not bad, when the industry average is way down at 88%.

As always, we’ve achieved these outstanding results by being committed to the customer, and that’s testament to the hard work and dedication of our people. [Read more…]

On your marks, set, Ho Ho Go – Katharine House Hospice Santa Fun Run 2014

IMG_0714Once again, White Springs was proud to field a team of energetic Santas at the Katharine House Hospice Santa Fun Run on Sunday, 7th December 2014 in Banbury’s Spiceball Park. White Springs runners included team captain, Elliot Hammond, Dan Cook, Kay Lane, Sue Ashton and Scott Reynolds.

Lots of partners, children and friends turned out too to support our dozen Santa-clad ‘Springers, who walked, skipped and ho-ho-ho’d through Banbury town centre to the assembling start line.

There was a mass Santa warm up sessions where we all threw some great dance moves. Once limbered up, Sue, Scott, Elliot and Dan gallantly ran the 4k race whilst Kay ran after her daughter on the 1K course. We munched mince pies afterwards and felt happy and contented with our efforts.

Well done the ‘Springers.

White Springs CEO Reflects on Celebrating Twelve Years in Business

This year sees White Springs celebrating twelve years of providing Sales Enablement solutions to sales training providers and end-users across the globe. Much has changed in that time as technology evolves, users have become increasingly mobile and reliant on technology to support their day to day work in the sales arena.

Gary White, CEO and Founder, White Springs

Gary White, CEO and Founder, White Springs

I caught up with our CEO and Founder, Gary White this week on his thoughts as we notch up twelve years. [Read more…]