White Springs CEO Reflects on Celebrating Twelve Years in Business

This year sees White Springs celebrating twelve years of providing Sales Enablement solutions to sales training providers and end-users across the globe. Much has changed in that time as technology evolves, users have become increasingly mobile and reliant on technology to support their day to day work in the sales arena.

Gary White, CEO and Founder, White Springs

Gary White, CEO and Founder, White Springs

I caught up with our CEO and Founder, Gary White this week on his thoughts as we notch up twelve years. [Read more…]

White Springs expand strategic partnerships with membership approval to IBM PartnerWorld

ibm_logoWhite Springs has recently been approved for membership of IBM Partnerworld. The program provides an organising framework for delivering valuable benefits to help partners succeed in the marketplace, strengthening the relationship with IBM.

Program membership provides access to benefits that help begin building and selling IBM-based solutions to better meet clients’ needs. PartnerWorld helps develop deeper consultative selling and solution skills – a must in today’s market. This path not only leads to greater competitive advantages, but opens the door to new and more complex opportunities associated with a Smarter Planet. [Read more…]

A look back at the Miller Heiman Sales Performance Summit – Engagement, Activity, Achievement

Miller Heiman Summit

The White Springs Team (Gary White, Laurie Brown, Lucy Faro, Sandy Veronese, Greg Smith and Ollie Edmunds) with hosts Miller Heiman (front row: Aliena Martinez, Lisa Schnoll and Michelle Carter)

At the recent Miller Heiman Sales Performance Summit held in Denver, Colorado, White Springs CEO, Gary White, took to the main stage to present on the topic of the technology needs of the modern sales organisations.

He opened up with engaging and thought provoking questions, quizzing the audience on where they viewed themselves (marks out of 10 please), in terms of intelligence and creativity. [Read more…]

The secret behind getting 100% customer satisfaction

White Springs Customer SatisfactionDo you know organisations in the software industry guilty of letting open support tickets roll on and on, for days, weeks or even months? Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end as one of those frustrated customers.

At White Springs, we believe in putting ourselves in the customers’ shoes.

For three consecutive weeks, we’ve successfully closed, to the customer’s satisfaction, 100% of sales enablement support tickets. Customers are loving it. But how do we achieve such high standards against an industry average of just 88%?

Is it by throwing resource at support? Of course not, that’s not a sustainable business model. In fact, we’re actually below the industry standard for the ratio of support personnel to customers. Whilst we firmly believe we have stable solutions, it’s only natural for support issues to arise.

The secret of our success lies elsewhere. Not only in what we do but how we do it. Talking with our VP of Customer Support, Neil Cochrane, he points to his team consistently, ‘going above and beyond the call of duty’ and ensuring customers receive prompt, courteous and efficient service.

The customers wholeheartedly agree with feedback comments including:-

“E**** went above and beyond the standard support responsibilities to try and work out options. She’s been incredibly helpful through all of the challenges!” Infrastructure & Tools VMWare

“Issue has been resolved. Thanks for the tremendous support!” Baxter Corporation

“J** is a great resource for us. He’s always willing to lend support and provides it in the most direct and concise fashion which is greatly appreciated.” CS STARS

Case Study – Developing sales tools in collaboration with end users

White Springs witnesses the positive impact of what can happen when an end-user rolls up their sleeves and gets stuck into a secondary level of testing on newly signed off sales tools.

The user, PR Newswire, a global news and information distribution service, is a supporter of Miller Heiman’s renowned sales methodology and, as technology partner, White Springs developed the associated sales tools to support their deployment.
[Read more…]

Tech fun for Robinson

White Springs continues to strengthen its client service ranks with new starter, Alex Robinson, who is taking on the role of CRM Technical Support.photo (4)

Alex has a background in media, editing and the production of training resources which led him into the world of change management on the ‘techie-side’. He’s also enjoyed a spell working in motor sport but admits to having always had technology in his heart.

Even as a small boy, I was more interested in how the Florida hotel lift worked than the magic of neighbouring Disneyland! explains Alex.

Welcome aboard Alex.

White Springs making an impact for The Brooks Group

Sales technology specialists, White Springs, has released the Brooks Group’s IMPACT Selling® process as an embedded element within SFDC.

The Brooks Group - Impact Selling with White Springs

IMPACT Selling® for Salesforce.com (SFDC) helps to deliver clear tactical and strategic goals, improves communication throughout teams and brings forecasting accuracy.

“This all-new release will enable IMPACT Selling® to be available in the everyday life of a sales professional, guiding them through the sales process from within SFDC and, ultimately, making each sales person more profitable and more successful,” explains Gary White, White Springs CEO.

The Brooks Group

The Brooks Group are a corporate sales training company that builds and implements customized corporate sales training and effectiveness initiatives that work in the real world.

White Springs

White Springs transforms traditional, classroom training into a continuous and sustainable learning process. We craft and embed sales processes, on-line sales tools, eLearning programs, sales playbooks and comprehensive analytics into a multitude of different CRM, desktop and mobile platforms.

Vision comes to fruition in Quota King

menemsha-groupSales enablement experts, White Springs, are delighted to have released the all new Quota King for Salesforce.com on behalf of the Massachusetts based, Menemsha Group.

Quota King software is a plug-in for any CRM/ATS and is fully integrated with Salesforce.com. It boasts an intuitive, visual interface which guides reps through sales methodology in a wizard-like fashion whilst prompting reps to execute best practices at each stage of the sales cycle.

“Creating life-changing sales technology is what makes us tick so, obviously, we are delighted to be releasing Quota King and to be helping Menemsha Group realise their vision of levelling the negotiation table between sales professionals and buyers of IT staffing services” said Gary White, CEO, White Springs.

About White Springs

White Springs transform traditional, classroom training into a continuous and sustainable learning process by embedding sales processes, sales tools and applications, playbooks and comprehensive analytics into a multitude of different CRM, desktop and mobile platforms. White Springs partner with a number of world class, transformation and training companies.

About Menemsha Group

Menemsha Group helps IT staffing providers improve win rates, achieve higher quota attainment, shorten the sales cycle and increase wallet share within key accounts.

Further detail:


Tel: +1 (888) 553-3083

Email: info@menemshagroup.com

Back from the hack – fuelled up on pizza and knowledge

Our intrepid hackers are home, having made it through last weekend’s Summer of Hacks. The Salesforce sponsored Hackathon in London saw teams competing to spec, design and build a variety of mobile apps centred on the Salesforce1 mobile platform.

The team did a great job delivering the pitch for their “Game of Sales” app and were rewarded when the votes were counted and their pitch came in second place.

Game of Sales has been developed as a tool to keep the sales team engaged and incentivised by unifying data and game-play to leverage Salesforce to better competitive advantage. There is a lot of data in Salesforce but the challenge is to turn it into something meaningful, make it sticky and increase adoption.

The hard work began and fuelled by copious quantities of pizza (other food groups were available) and the odd beverage, the app began to take shape, with the invaluable help and assistance from “Pixel Pusher” Andrei Toma (@ICDSarch) helping us out with graphic design.

Game of Sales - White Springs Salesforce Hackathon App Game of Sales - White Springs Salesforce Hackathon App Game of Sales - White Springs Salesforce Hackathon App


It wasn’t all about the food and drink though, there was ample opportunity to bounce ideas around, learn about the Salesforce1 Customer Platform and build greater knowledge of the exciting developments taking place in the market.

With coding complete, it was time to demo the app and pitch to the judges to cheers from the audience. On this occasion, the spoils of hackathon went to a worthy opponent though – not to worry, the whole experience was enjoyable and positive with a plethora of takeaways to apply back at base.

Great effort from Team White Springs: Chris Castle, Thomas Elliott, Dan Cook.

Fancy three days of sleep deprivation, pizza and coding? What the Hack!

Three intrepid White Springs developers will be heading to Shoreditch Village Hall in London, 25th – 27th July to face three days of sleep deprivation, pizza and coding.

Salesforce Summer of Hacks, London Team White Springs – (left to right) Chris Castle, Thomas Elliott, Dan Cook

Why? To join the London round of the Salesforce sponsored – ‘Summer of Hacks’. London is the final stop of the tour, which has taken in Los Angeles, Bangalore and New York. Teams are competing for a share in the $50,000 prize pot.

For those not in the know, a Hackathon is a time limited challenge between teams or individuals, usually to develop computer software over a period of just a few days – with or without sleep! Organisers will set a challenge and the entry that comes up with the best solution – in the eyes of the judges – wins the spoils.

And to keep them going, lots of pizza. Apparently developers love pizza (any developers care to confirm or deny?) and there’ll be plenty on hand this weekend. Maybe there is something in a pizza to produce better code?

So this all sounds like great fun for the developers, but is there a serious, business angle to all this? Hackathons give participants an environment where they are free from all the usual day to day business distractions, i.e. customer calls, project meetings and ringing phones. Although there’s only two days available to design, code and demonstrate, for a team of three, that’s probably about the same as ten or more regular man days of development.

Three of our most experienced developers will make up the force to be reckoned with that is: Team White Springs – Chris Castle, Thomas Elliott and Dan Cook.

When and where does all this shenanigans take place? Coding starts at 6.30pm, Friday 25th July at The Village Hall, Hoxton Square, London – the finishing klaxon will sound at 8pm on Sunday 27th – and sleep is entirely optional for a little over the 48 intervening hours.

Good luck Team White Springs and may the force of the pizza be with you.