Keeping sales training technology simple.

‘Information overload’ has become an expression used in everyday language. The growth of the Internet and digital communication channels has caused an explosion of data in a variety of formats. Five years ago, the thought of needing to email a message bigger than 10Mb was inconceivable; now it’s commonplace.

With this volume of digital data available, comes an expectation that access is also made available. In the business world, sales teams are often on the road and need mobile access. The challenge can be how to make sense of the mix of Word documents, PDFs, graphics and spreadsheets that are needed to provide the answers required when working from a smartphone or a mix of print outs, emails and texts.

An online portal where all these streams of information can sit is a simple solution but one that few sales companies have in place.

It is easy to think that such a solution would be prohibitively expensive or difficult to build. But how many companies have CRM systems at the heart of their sales force?

We work with our clients to give them an effective solution that uses their existing CRM IT infrastructure as well as the data it contains.

We are talking about one place through which sales teams can tap into from wherever they are with web access (PDA, Tablet, etc.) to see the profile of the company they are visiting, the buying history and latest sales data to help them tailor their presentation and clinch the important deal!

Not only that, but the sales team manager can upload current information, messages, as well as review data accessed by team members to help them tailor future training / assessments. This takes the solution beyond the initial training programme software to an ongoing learning and development sales tool.

One size may not fit all, but one place can certainly meet all requirements.

The life of a sales person is complicated enough. Why not let technology make it simple?