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Add technology to get the most from your intellectual property

Helping sales transformation and training companies navigate the ever-changing world of technology.

We help sales transformation and training companies navigate the ever-changing world of technology by delivering comprehensive and integrated technical solutions for all client-facing applications.

In collaboration with partners, we craft and embed sales processes, on-line sales tools, eLearning programs, sales playbooks and comprehensive analytics into a multitude of different CRM, desktop and mobile platforms. We understand that training program software needs to be available as a single experience on a myriad of devices from PC’s and MAC’s to smartphones and tablets.

With our team of experts and software platform, we transform traditional, classroom training into a continuous and sustainable learning process. We help sales transformation companies drive client value, maximize client retention and increase revenue streams. Learning is reinforced on a day to day basis making training stick and resulting in better training ROI, increased process adoption and greater workplace productivity.

Many end-user clients are now specifying a partnership with White Springs as their technology provider when investing in sales training programs.

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