I am a Director of Corporate Strategy


Winning competitive opportunities

Technology is driving a fast-paced revolution in the way people absorb information. Schools all over the world are stimulating learning through the use of interactive tablet devices both in and out of the classroom.

To remain competitive in winning new business, your sales transformation proposals need to include a comprehensive and inter-connected technology strategy. Not single-point solutions or ‘silver-bullets’ but relevant and integrated approaches.

White Springs can embed your methodology into your client’s everyday business applications providing constant, post-training reinforcement and contextualised, informal learning. Using technology to entrench your offering brings the reward of new income streams, improved client retention, measurable training ROI and increased process adoption.

So much is possible.

Imagine your IP, tools and methodology available as Apps on an Android tablet or an Apple iPad and being used by sellers in an ever-mobile, app-rich world. Or, embedded within your clients CRM application. Or, would you love to know how and when your workbook, tools and processes are being used? By distributing your tools and content digitally, you can access this information through analytics.

White Springs go beyond simply building sales reinforcement software.  In this digital age, we can be the partner helping you make the difference between material business success and potential failure.

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