Are Business Tools only for Certain Personality Types?

Are Business Tools only for Certain Personality Types?

Is there such a thing as one size fits all across your business?

Are Business Tools only for Certain Personality Types?

Are business tools only for certain personality types? Do some business professionals find tools more appealing and useful than others? We think much depends on the cultural environment. To think about business tools being relevant to certain personality types needs to be considered against the backdrop of such different business cultures.

In America, business is forward moving and ‘in the now’ which we see in many famous marketing slogans, most recognisably, Nike with “Just Do It”. The UK could be described as more restrained and quirkier with their banking Abbey National’s, “Because life’s complicated enough”. Then into China where many successful slogans are about sharing and connecting. ‘Anytime, anywhere, share what’s happening around you’.

However, what does remain universal is how professionals spend a lot of their time trying to win deals but losing them. Or, designing new products but not seeing them in production. Pulling together reports but not getting them reviewed. Working life can be an ongoing churn of following up, chasing up and thinking up. For sales professionals, in particular, losing is a big part of their role which makes the high of landing a big deal so addictive. As the high fades, the time comes to start again and, more often than not, getting back to losing.

Effective tools can help professionals pick themselves up quicker and get them back on track.

Maybe professionals in America would be more pre-disposed to use tools that increase the velocity and speed of their work. In China, maybe tools that increase team collaboration and sharing success would be more popular. In the UK, tools that allowed for individuality and configuration might be more readily accepted.

Whatever the culture, the business of being successful is the same and tools that help reduce the failures and increase the success deserve a slogan of their own.