Blending your Tools Strategy with your E-Learning Strategy

Blending your Tools Strategy with your E-Learning Strategy

Maximise the impact of your tools by bringing the learning and the doing together

Blending your Tools Strategy with your E-Learning Strategy

For many organisations, the learning component of a sales transformation strategy or sales training initiative remains in isolation from the application of that learning to real-world situations, for example, deal pursuit.

Most sales training providers now have some element of digital learning in their portfolio although, for many, digital learning is still only used as a pre-workshop warm-up and not considered a core component in the post-training, daily workstream of a sales professional.

So where do these sales professionals go to seek clarification of their newly learnt skills?

Surprisingly, many still have to reach to the top shelf and blow the dust off their course workbook or have to leave their CRM system and log into a separate learning application in order to then search to find the relevant content.

So does it not make logical sense to marry the daily workstream, i.e. the use of sales tools on real deals in CRM, with the learning app?

Learning content can be served up dynamically that is relevant to the particular deal that the sales professional is working and moves more into an environment of ‘learn by doing' which is documented as the most effective method of retaining knowledge.

One might argue that ‘just in time’ learning has a role to play in this scenario where the learning and the application of learning is brought together into a single environment however it remains to be seen if the business models of most sales training providers can flex to incorporate this style of learning.