How to get Your Network to Sell Your Digital Tools

How to get Your Network to Sell Your Digital Tools

Growing revenue through a network of partner resellers

How to get Your Network to Sell Your Digital Tools

Transformation and training consultants and business tools might not always make the most natural partnership and selling those tools might be fairly unpalatable. It needn’t be.

Professionals don't feel much about the business tools they buy because a business tool doesn't evoke emotion. What it allows professionals to do, however, does. That's why the secret to selling tools is not to talk about them directly.

“People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole”. - Theodore Levitt

People don't want the hole for the sake of the hole. They want it to hang the canvas portrait of their family holiday by the sea. What the drill helps them achieve isn't the hole; it's the improvement of their home and the evocation of memory.

The trick is to identify the story which will sell. And this is an especially important point when your network is selling business tools.

Benefits sell, features don't. Benefits build the stories we all like to hear. Your network needs to embrace the benefits of your tools and what they enable professionals to do and why they want to do it.

Be careful though. People are not willing to accept any old tale. The story being told by your network has to add something to a professional’s life. It has to let them do something they want to do which  they couldn't do before.

The key to selling business tools is to help professionals live up to their ambitions.

Just talking about a more focussed leadership strategy or better coaching style isn't going to get anyone feeling anything. Leadership and coaching which will lead to a motivated team, smashed  targets and make them look good, that’s more interesting.  And building a better reputation within the company whilst increasing revenues, will feel really good.

You've surveyed and researched and talked to your target professionals. You've thought about how your business tools helps them be a better version of themselves and why they want the enhancement.

Your tools are selling and your network of transformation and training consultants now have the perfect opportunity to stay in touch with customers through the software installations, upgrades and regular checkups.