Own V Partner Applications

Own V Partner Applications

Which is best for your business?

Own V Partner Applications

Pros and Cons of Partnering

Depending on the actual partner agreement, development costs can be shared. There will also be significant benefits to sharing the costs of training, installation and ongoing support. With a software partner, you’ll never be stuck with out-of-date or obsolete software. Upgrades and add-ons can be built into the agreement. Partner agreements usually include the cost of customer support, technical support and ongoing maintenance.  You’ll always have access to the latest software upgrades too.

When you sign a partnership agreement, you’re contractually obliged and bound by the terms and conditions, for its full length. Even if you stop using the software or it becomes obsolete, you may still be bound by the agreement and required to make payments.

Pros and Cons of Owning

When you purchase and own software, it becomes an asset to the business as opposed to a paid-for liability. Once purchased, the software is yours to keep for as long as you like.

Purchasing outright requires a significant amount of upfront investment. Some companies are simply not in a financial position to meet the necessary cash flow. Technology and software advances fast and may quickly become out-of-date or obsolete. If you’ve bought software outright, you’re stuck with it and upgrades and add-ons will be additional costs. If you don’t like the software you’ve purchased not all vendors give you an option to exchange. When you purchase business software, managing the technology is largely your responsibility. You may be able to purchase technical support from the vendor.

A good partner will support you through any technical issues.