Supporting Your Customers

Supporting Your Customers

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Supporting Your Customers

The basic tenet of customer support for business transformation and training tools is to answer issues and resolve problems as quickly and completely as possible.

As a general rule of thumb, business tool issues tend to be complex and have more back and forth communication than issues, say, in the B2C space. B2B customers are often quite technically savvy and know they are contacting you about complex issues which may not be easy to solve.

Business transformation and training companies could be selling highly integrated and complex tools to their customers, so the stakes are higher. If a customer support incident goes wrong in a business environment, it could have a serious impact on revenue.

There will be multiple people using tools which means different users could all be calling about different issues, yet still, be part of the same customer installation. In fact, many different people could be reaching out about the exact same issue. This can lead to duplicate efforts by support as well as a lack of understanding of the customer as a whole. Good management of support tickets will help to inform and understand recurring and concurrent issues.

If you are looking to operate your own customer support for your business tools, the technology you use needs to be well suited for the B2B space and have feature sets you need.

If you decide to outsource your customer support, look for a team who can handle the complex and ‘back and forth’ nature of B2B issues. They’ll need to be able to keep track of the ticket issue and be able to escalate and solve problems as needed.  Ideally, find a team that is geared up towards addressing the needs of B2B transformation and training companies and their associated tools.