There are three distinct stages in choosing the tech that suits your organisation's needs and we have you covered when it come's to understanding what you need to know.

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Understanding the landscape

This phase is the initial step to understand the landscape as well as ascertaining your own organisational needs.


We have a library of articles including topics on what a digital tools strategy is, the pros and cons of one, and things to consider when creating your digital tools strategy.

Other topics of interest include:

  • What is a digital tools strategy

  • The pros and cons of a digital tools strategy

  • The things to consider in your digital tools strategy

  • Blending your tools strategy with your e-learning strategy and

  • Are tools only for certain personality types?

  • Why a digital tools strategy is now, more important than ever

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Topics to consider

In this phase you are likely to tackle challenging issues including:


  • How your digital tools strategy fits in within your overall digital strategy;

  • Understanding what success looks like for your clients;

  • Build versus buying tech;

  • How to support your clients and many more issues.

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Before you take a decision

In the decision phase you will need to consider carefully issues around:


  • The commercial agreement with a technology partner and choosing a partner in the first place;

  • How the development of the solution plays out;

  • What happens as technology moves at such a fast rate;

  • Why some customers are more successful than others;

  • Lessons to learn from Partners whose digital tool strategies have gone wrong!