Case Study – Developing sales tools in collaboration with end users

White Springs witnesses the positive impact of what can happen when an end-user rolls up their sleeves and gets stuck into a secondary level of testing on newly signed off sales tools.

The user, PR Newswire, a global news and information distribution service, is a supporter of Miller Heiman’s renowned sales methodology and, as technology partner, White Springs developed the associated sales tools to support their deployment. Like any developer, White Springs test as rigorously as possible but, in this case, we discovered how end-users test from a different perspective, offering valuable feedback and ideas for future development. By working side by side during the Beta phase, PR Newswire strengthened the testing process.

In offering to become the first Beta tester for the latest round of new sales tools, the tools were installed into a development ‘org’ giving end users testing capacity. The users took a fresh, ‘hands on’ approach which resulted in helpful feedback and tweaks to enhance the final tool.

By becoming ‘testing brothers and sisters in arms’, White Springs deepened the working relationship with the end-user and, for our client Miller Heiman, were able to build a strong and lasting bond with the end user and the release of strong, user-friendly sales tools.

Since implementation, PR Newswire has increased deal sizes by an average 16 percent and reduced the sales cycle by three weeks, helping to better manage their sales pipeline and improve the sales cycle speed.

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