Case Study – ValueSelling Associates

“Partnering with White Springs to create eValuePrompter has helped give our company another touch point, enabling us to reinforce our coaching and ensure the tools, techniques and behaviours are being used effectively.” Julie Thomas, President & CEO of ValueSelling.

ValueSelling Associates partnered with White Springs to help its clients compete and win on a higher level. The company realised that adding technology to its proven formula for accelerating sales could help clients maximise their training investment and get even better results.

Mixing ValueSelling’s immense knowledge of how sales teams work with White Springs’ vast technological expertise led to the creation of internet-based eValuePrompter. This interactive tool reinforces the ValueSelling methodology through a client’s CRM system, providing a toolset that covers the entire lifecycle of a sale.

Offering just-in-time and real-time coaching to provide practical reinforcement of training, plus informal learning to offer timely guidance at critical points in the sales process, eValuePrompter helps companies ensure the correct tools, techniques and behaviours are being used effectively every working day.

eValuePrompter provides a bridge between marketing and sales, enabling organisations to maximise their investment in both their CRM and the ValueSelling sales methodology. By enforcing a consistent process and useful knowledge prompts, eValuePrompter helps teams increase sales, better qualify prospects, improve forecast accuracy and conduct successful dialogues with key decision makers, whilst providing a way for leaders to manage their teams without having to pause day-to-day tasks for performance reviews.

Whilst its customers benefit from improved teamwork and better results, ValueSelling Associates is enjoying greater customer loyalty and longer-term client relationships from its successful partnership with White Springs.

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